Registration and Abstract Submission

Registration Guideline

All registration is conducted by online registration.

If you fail to make online registration, please contact the secretariat at

Before make registration, please create a new account to obtain ID. After you get an ID (will be send by email) please sign in and complete registration.

Registration fee

Category Registration Fee
AASP Member US$ 10 (Rp 150,000)
Regular/non-member*) US$ 60 (Rp 900,000)
APTFI Member US$ 40 (Rp 550,000)
Student US$ 25 (Rp 300,000)

Note: *) For regular/non-member of AASP will get free individual membership fee of 2021.

If you wish to join a member of AASP, please visit this page.

Payment method

Bank transfer

All participant who wish pay registration fee through bank transfer, please make payment to:

Account name’s holder: Sista Werdyani
Bank account number: 137-00-1685585-6
Bank name: Bank Mandiri
Bank Address: KK Yogyakarta UII

The bank transfer’s fee should be paid by participant (it is not included in the registration fee)

After you make bank transfer of registration fee, please scan the proof of your bank transfer, and upload it though the link below (Please sign in first).

Credit card

We also accept Credit Card payment with PayPal Credit Card Processing. You can make a payment from your account dashboard.

Uploading Abstract and Presentation’s Video

Choose field of presentation:

  1. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  2. Medicinal Chemistry & CADD
  3. Pharmaceutical Biology-Phytochemistry/Natural Product Chemistry
  4. Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology
  5. Pharmacokinetics-Biopharmaceutics
  6. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  7. Pharmacology-Toxicology
  8. Clinical Pharmacy
  9. Social Pharmacy & Regulatory Science

Presenter should upload the presentation material:

For plenary speaker, invited speaker and oral presenter: video for 20, 15 min, and 10 min, respectively (format: MP4, for 10 min is about 100 MegaByte with 720p resolution).

It is suggested to record your sound in your PPT and then be export as MP4 file.

Guidance for Presentation

Plenary Lecture/Invited Lecture/Oral Presentation

Time allocation for speakers:

  • plenary speaker (40 min: 35 min presentation + 5 min Q/A)
  • invited speaker (25 min: 20 min presentation + 5 min Q/A)
  • oral presenter (10 min: 8 min presentation + 2 min Q/A)

For your presentation, there are 2 alternatives:

(1) you make a life presentation from your laptop/computer or you send your PPT (powerpoint) file to organizing committee and then our team will help you to operate it on the schedule of your presentation time,

(2) you upload or send a recorded presentation video, and we will broadcast it on the schedule of your presentation time. However we hope you still attend online on your schedule because we will have Q/A.

Poster Presentation

Please use the template below to make (design) your poster presentation (1 slide powerpoint, widescreen/33.867cm x 19.05 cm, landscape). The main body of the poster is flexible, but the content usually consists of introduction, method, result, discussion (or results and discussion), conclusion, and references. The content should be concise.

Add your presentation number (PPxxx) at the right bottom of PPT.

Please record your explanation of poster content not more than 3 (three) minutes. You may record your voice in the PPT file using the menu of PPT: Slide Show--Record Slide-Record from Current Slide.

Please send your poster 2 (two) days before 11 December 2020.

Important Dates

Launching of website
25 September 2020

Opening of online registration and abstract submission
28 September 2020

Deadline of abstract submission
5 December 2020

Deadline of payment of registration fee
10 December 2020